A challenge coin is a
small coin or medallion
(usually military), bearing
an organization’s insignia
or emblem and carried by
the organization’s
members. Traditionally,
they are given to prove
membership when
challenged and to
enhance morale. In
addition, they are also
collected by service
members. In practice,
challenge coins are
normally presented by
unit commanders in
recognition of special
achievement by a
member of the unit. They
are also exchanged in
recognition of visits to an

Military Challenge
Coin Display Case
Cabinet Rack
Holder With Door

Excellent wood
antique looking
military display with
real glass door.
Holds 56 regular
size Military
Challenge Coins.
Wall Mountable with
Metal brackets
already on the back.
Perfect Gift for
Military Challenge Coin Display Case
Military Challenge Coin Display Case
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Challenge Coins
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